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Characterization Essay On Stargirl Without Facebook

What are Stargirl' s characteristics in the book stragirl.

Stargirl was another fantastic book Jerry Spinelli. He added interesting characters, such as, Leo the quiet and shy one, Stargirl unique and fun one, Dori Dilson Stargirl only friend, Archie the wise and elderly one, Kevin Leo’s friend that likes the stoplight, and Hillari Kimble the popular bratty one. This book takes place in MICA, Arizona.

Characterization Essay On Stargirl Without Facebook

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Stargirl is a very eccentric character. We see that she acts very different compared to the other students. We see this at the basket ball match when she cheers the both teams. Even if the opponents score she cheers for them too.

Characterization Essay On Stargirl Without Facebook

Direct vs Indirect Characterization: Examples and Tips.

Write an essay that describes the many ways Stargirl changes over the course of the novel. Write about what motivates each of these changes and what ends up happening as a result of each change.


The plot of the book begins when the character of Stargirl is introduced to Mica High. This school is in a very small city in Arizona causes much uproar when a new student joins. Except, Stargirl isn't just a new student. She's a flashy, expressive girl that flaunts around in skirts and sings with her ukelele, walking around Mica High with her pet rat.

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The Stargirl Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you.

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In what ways does she show conformity? Do you think the character of Stargirl would make it in a regular high school today? Why or why not? Essay Topic 2. How is the natural world developed in this novel? Does the discussions of the natural beauty provide insight into the characters? If so, how? If not, why do you think this is the case? Essay Topic 3. In what way is the character of Archie a.

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Stargirl by: Jerry Spinelli Spinelli uses a variety of meanings to show how a girl named Stargirl, struggles her way through the tenth grade as an abnormal teen.He uses imagery, diction, tone, and voice to narrow down how Stargirl relates to everybody else. The way Spinelli uses imagery is to make a picture with words. For instance, Spinelli makes Leo describe Stargirl; “ She wore an off.


The following synopsis will give you a brief insight into the characters, setting, and plot of chapter 10 of Jerry Spinelli's young adult novel 'Stargirl'. At the end of the lesson, you can test.

Stargirl is one of many characters in young adult literature that can be interpreted as a Christ-like figure. The parallels between the new girl in town and the Son of God are not hard to spot.


There are Always 3 main characteristics that stand out in a person and in Jerry Spinelli's Book The 3 of them for Stargirl would include 1. Altruistic- meaning selfless altruistic 2.Considerate 3.

Characterization Essay On Stargirl Without Facebook

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Characterization Essay On Stargirl Without Facebook

Stargirl Persuasive Essay - Mr. Tracy.

Characterization Other Important Characters Exposition Setting: - Mica, Arizona, a small town in USA - Mica High, the high school where Leo and Stargirl went to - Archie's House, the home for a retired professor that has lots of weird stuff - The time is present and then fast.

Characterization Essay On Stargirl Without Facebook

How to Read Someone's Personality: Just Ask This 1.

Thesis statement: Many reasons exist for Stargirl to be related freedom. Stargirl relates to freedom in three ways: Because she is not afraid to express who she is really is Stargirl is better off being different---and true to herself---than trying to be like everyone else That.

Characterization Essay On Stargirl Without Facebook

Individuality is Better Than Conformity in the Novel.

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Characterization Essay On Stargirl Without Facebook

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Characterization Essay On Stargirl Without Facebook

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This is because Stargirl is an extraordinarily typical girl who doesn’t track the culture of the school. She plays an ukulele, keeps a pet rat in her tote bag, treats everyone with kindness and serenades them in the lunchroom on their birthdays.

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