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Armada Essay Kids

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Armada Essay Kids

England and Spain - The Spanish Armada - KS3 History.

The Spanish Armada was a very large naval fleet of Spanish ships, which were prepared by King Phillip in the year 1588 with the point of view of attacking the English Empire, conquering it and turning the Spanish Empire into a stronger empire than England.

Armada Essay Kids

Essay on The Failure of the Spanish Armada - 709 Words.

Philip's plan was that an armada of 130 ships would sail to the Netherlands, pick up 30,000 Spanish troops and invade England. However, the Armada was delayed by an English attack on Cadiz harbour.


The Spanish Armada was a fleet assembled and sent out by King Philip the 2nd of Spain. This fleet tried to invade England, but it was dramatically unsuccessful. According to Spanish historical books, the main goal of the Spanish Armada was to unite Spain and England into one, thus giving Philip the ability to advance the Spanish conquest.

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Essay: The Spanish Armada The Spanish Armada was a great Spanish fleet sent by King Philip II of Spain in 1588 to invade England. It was ironically called “Invincible.” During the late 1500’s, Spain was the major international power over much of the known world (Goldman 1).

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In conclusion, The Spanish Armada failed in its attempt to defeat the English due to a number of factors that I have discussed in my essay, luck, English tactics, Spanish mistakes and even the weather played a part. If the Spanish had won then the history of Great Britain would have been very different. In my opinion, I believe that in spite of the odds against them the Spanish would have won.


Why did the Spanish Armada Fail? During the 16th century, both Spain and England were among the major colonial powers in the world; they conquered many parts of the world to increase their wealth. However, religious differences became the major cause of conflicts between the two countries. In 1588, a war was declared by the Spanish King Philip II; he sent.

The Spanish armada started in 1588 and finished around a month later. The Spanish lost dramatically for several reasons. This essay will tell you why the Spanish failed so badly and why England won.


Learn and revise about the Spanish Armada when Philip II of Spain sent a fleet of ships to invade England with BBC Bitesize KS3 History.

Armada Essay Kids

Spanish Armada: Facts and Information - Primary Facts.

The initial decision to send an invasion force and Armada to England was first thought up in 1585. This is important to realise, as for many, it was the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, that caused the Armada to be launched as some form of revenge against England and Elizabeth. Philip II had one simple aim, which as to replace Elizabeth and restore Catholicism back in England under a new.

Armada Essay Kids

Bad leadership, bad weather and bad luck helped defeat the.

The Spanish Armada attacked in 1588 and the person who was involved was King Philip II of Spain and Queen Elizabeth of England (and their armies). The Spanish Armada we’re hoping to win but sadly they lost. For Spanish Armada there were 138 people at least half came (69) the other 69 were killed.

Armada Essay Kids

Reasons for English Victory in the Spanish Armada.

In this essay I will be explaining things about both the English and Spanish Armada and why the Spanish lost to the English. Spanish poor planning and tactics was the main reason why the Armada failed to conquer England.. All of this was important and led to the failure of the Spanish Armada because even though the English was a smaller country compared to Spain they still defeated the.

Armada Essay Kids

China's 300-mile fishing fleet is decimating endangered.

Lessons focused around the 2020 Historic Environment on the Spanish Armada. The seventh lesson focuses on applying knowledge to a sample 16 mark essay question (based on the specimen paper Stamford Bridge question, as advised by AQA): “Luck was the main reason for the outcome of sea battles like the Spanish Armada in this period”.

Armada Essay Kids

Spanish Armada, 1588. How did the English win.

The arrival of the Armada off the Lizard was first sighted by a pirate named Thomas Fleming, who hastened into Plymouth with the news. For this he was to receive a pardon for all his past offences, and a pension for life. By the evening, bonfires were blazing along the Channel coast of England, their high flames carrying the news from hill top to hill top that the “invincible” Armada had.

Armada Essay Kids

Why Did Phillip II Launch The Armada And Why Did It Fail.

English victory in the Spanish Armada was not assured, indeed the Spanish force heading for England was large and Spain was a powerful country in Europe. However, there are several factors which help explain English victory against the Armada. These factors can broadly be grouped into two areas: English success and Spanish mistakes.

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