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Essay On Nagaland Folk Dance

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Dance is a very important part of life in rural Nagaland. Folk dances of Nagaland are performed mainly in a synchronized manner in groups by women as well as men, based on the kind of dance. Dances are generally performed in religious and festive occasions. Mainly the Naga men perform war dances.

Essay On Nagaland Folk Dance


Music of Nagaland Nagas are much admired for rich repertoire of music, folk dances, folk songs, folklore and folk tales. Each tribe has their own way of maintaining its idiosyncratic cultural traditions and customs through various forms of performing arts, which are an integral part of the Naga heritage.

Essay On Nagaland Folk Dance

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For instance, the major folk dances of Nagaland include Modse, Agurshikukula, Butterfly Dance, Aaluyattu, Sadal Kekai, Changai Dance, Kuki Dance, Leshalaptu, Khamba Lim, Mayur Dance, Monyoasho, Rengma, Seecha and Kukui Kucho, Shankai and Moyashai etc, however, the prominent ones are War Dance and Zeliang Dance.


Hornbill Festival is an annual festival celebrated in the first week of December in Nagaland where all the tribes participate to showcase their traditional folk dances, folk song, food, and way of life at Kisama Heritage Village. It is a good time for a tourist to experience each Naga tribe in one event.

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These folk dances of the tribes of Nagaland are performes mostly during their auspicious festivals such as Moatsu, Tuluni and Tsukhenyie Festival. The Hornbill Festival is yet another important event for the Nagas (fun fact: this festival is named after the Great Indian Hornbill, the bird which features in most of the folklores of Nagaland). Some of the folk dances of Nagaland include.

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The dances of India vary and each state has several forms of dance. The Bihu of Assam, the Bhavai of Rajasthan, the Lavni of Maharashtra, the Teiyyam of Kerala, the Garb of Gujarat and the war dances of Nagaland are some of the well known folk dances. If Indian dance has sprung from the religious urges of her people her music has also been.


Like all other states of India, Nagaland also has wide variety of ethnic groups, festivals and cultural practices. There are over sixteen different tribes in the state. However, one of the unifying factors in all their social practices is the active presence of music and dance. The Nagas strongly believe in the spirit of togetherness and bonding. Therefore, all their folk dances involve people.

Folk dances are much simpler. They are performed by villagers after their day’s work is done. Folk dances are mostly based around the seasons. Some of the well-known folk dances are Bhangra from Punjab, Garba from Gujarat, Chhau from Bihar, Ghumar from Rajasthan and Bamboo from Nagaland.


This dance is the folk dance of the Chang tribe of Nagaland state. It was performed to celebrate victory in a battle over enemies, during the erstwhile times. In the present times, it is performed on a three day long festival of Poangelam. This festival proceeds the time of harvest in the region. It symbolizes the onset of the harvesting season in Nagaland. A warrior costume is worn by the.

Essay On Nagaland Folk Dance

Essay on the Traditional Indian Folk Culture.

Naga tribesman perform a folk dance in front of their Morung on the second day of the state annual Hornbill Festival at the Naga Heritage village Kisama, some 15 kms away from Kohima, the capital city of India north eastern state of Nagaland. The Hornbill Festival which celebrates from December 1-10 celebrates the cultural heritage of the Nagas.

Essay On Nagaland Folk Dance

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The folk songs of Nagaland include the Heliamleu or dancing song, Hereileu or war songs, Neuleu or legendary songs and Hekaileu or songs about self. Related Articles: Popular Folk Painting Traditions of India; Essay on Chchau: A Classical Dance Forms of India; India. Famous Personalities and their Association with Musical Instruments. Essay on Indian Classical Music (934 Words) No comments.

Essay On Nagaland Folk Dance

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Essay about folk dancing Ask for details; Follow Report by BSara9346 05.09.2018 Log in to add a comment Answers Dazselle Ambitious; A folk dance is developed by people that reflect the life of the people of a certain country or region. Not all ethnic dances are folk dances. For example, ritual dances or dances of ritual origin are not considered to be folk dances. Ritual dances are usually.

Essay On Nagaland Folk Dance

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Essay On Nagaland Folk Dance

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Folk dances are performed for every possible occasion - to celebrate the arrival of seasons, birth of a child, a wedding and festivals, which are a plenty. The folk dances are extremely simple with minimum of steps or movement. Indian folk dances are full of energy and vitality. Some dances are performed separately by men and women while in.

Essay On Nagaland Folk Dance

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The Bihu dance is a folk dance from the North Eastern Indian state of Assam. It is most related to the festival more commonly known as the Rongali Bihu. This festival is the most anticipated and is celebrated with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. The festival brings together all the Assamese people, disregarding of their caste, creed and religious beliefs and ways of life. For the people of.

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