Holohoax 101 - The Fundamentals of the Holocaust Hoax.

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Holohoax 102 - Holohoax Believe It, Or Not.

In fact, the Holohoax is filled with miracle after miracle that defy the principles of science.” In the pages that follow, the reader is presented with a number of such “miracles,” based on statements by Jewish “Holocaust survivors.” The first of these is given at the lower part of this page, in a section titled “The Miracle of the Jumping Buckets of Flesh.” The macabre drawing.

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The First Holohoax, During World War One The book The First Holocaust, Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War One by Don Heddeshemimer is documented with reprints of articles from the New York Times and other Jewish press that claimed that there was a holocaust of the Jews during World War One.

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The Holohoax is a key tactic of demonizing the white race, so they cannot do anything about the Jews. The Holohoax must be understood as a tactic in white genocide. Factually, while the world has every right to ban the Jews from politics, it turns out Jews never suffered devastating casualties in WWII. We can account for the 6 million.


Most Holocaust deniers claim, either explicitly or implicitly, that the Holocaust is a hoax —or an exaggeration —arising from a deliberate Jewish conspiracy designed to advance the interest of Jews at the expense of other people. For this reason, Holocaust denial is generally considered to be an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

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The Holohoax is an amazing idea. Fascinating, truly. I mean, by god, give whoever it was a medal. Hitler was a mere pawn on the board that was the Axis Power. The real mastermind behind this ingenious thought must be congratulated though. If only it really happened. May any Jew coward prove me wrong! Report this Argument. Con. First off I just want to say this is probably a troll profile. And.

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The holohoax is based on obvious, blatant, and grotesque lies.


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The Holocaust essay The Holocaust is a terrible event, a genocide of more than 6 million Jews which took place during the World War II. It was a so-called “program of systematic extermination of Jewish men, women and children by Nazi Germany” all over the occupied territory. (Niewik, Donald L. 45).


The holohoax claims raised my curiosity because it sounded plausible, until I researched the actual facts. Read for yourself, the actual facts are freely available on the internet,there is plenty of actual evidence. Many of the holohoax claims are clearly based on lies and very apparent, it’s a typical conspiracy scenario that doesn’t hold up because of the actual size of the deception.

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Yep, a five year old could see through the Holohoax with just a little bit of study. That’s how badly constructed the Holohoax lie truly is! I remember the first time I ever looked into the possibility of the Holocaust being a fabrication. It took me about 10 to 15 minutes to know that it was a load of shit. Then it took a few months for the enormity of the lie to truly sink in. Once it has.

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Holohoax - 10 Hard Facts about the Holocaust Scam - WW2.

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Books shelved as holohoax: A Specter Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism by Paul A. Hanebrink, How the Jews Defeated Hitler: Exploding the Myth.

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Holohoax. Posted by Chris of the family Masters on December 22, 2018 at 4:02pm; View Blog; Head of British Psychological Warfare Executive (Propaganda), Victor Cavendish-Bentick in a handwritten note, wrote on Aug 27th, 1943, “We have had a good run for our money with this gas chamber story we have been putting about, but don’t we run the risk eventually we are going to be found out and.

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